Beceite Ibex Hunts

Hunting  Beceite ibex in Spain


I am writing this letter to recommend Valeriano Belles, owner of Ibex Hunt Spain. I first met Valeriano in October of 2011 when he hunted Mountain Goats here in Alaska, and quickly became a friend after visiting with him here for about a week. During his visit to Kodiak, I planned a trip to Spain to hunt Ibex with him, and to bring my wife and family along. The hunt was scheduled for December of 2012.
During the year I kept in contact with Valeriano via emails and he was always prompt returning them and always was able to answer my questions. This was my first International hunt so I had a lot of questions. Valeriano always showed the utmost in professionalism when discussing our trip or answering any questions, and really made our planning go smoothly.

When we arrived in Valencia, Spain, Valeriano was waiting at Customs for us. Valeriano’s operation is very organized and prompt. He was also able to help with a lost bag of mine and through his professionalism was able to have the airline deliver my bag to the hunting area the next morning. Valeriano’s entire operation is very well organized and every one of his guides, cooks, helpers, etc. are extremely good at their jobs. The accommodations and food on this trip were amazing and they went out of their way to ensure if you needed anything they would help.
I was able to take a very nice Beceite Ibex on the second evening of the hunt and looked over many the previous two days. I had a great trip as did my wife and son…we are ready to go back! Once my Ibex was caped, our assistant guide drove my trophy 2.5 hrs to Valeriano’s Taxidermist where my cape was fleshed, salted and dried and my horns and skull were cleaned and the skull was also bleached. These were very well done and I was able to take them back to the US with me and clear Agriculture and USFWS with no problems. As a taxidermist myself with over 30 yrs experience, I can attest that the quality of the prep work was exceptional.



Valeriano runs a first class operation and I would recommend him to any one that wants to hunt any game in Spain. His ability to spot game, find game and evaluate age and trophy class was exceptional! The area I hunted had an abundance of Beceite Ibex. We looked over numerous Ibex that were judged as either too young or too small. Valeriano puts great effort into ensuring only the most mature animals are harvested.
I hope this letter serves as a small sample of his expertise, companionship, professionalism and character that many of his friends and clients already know.


Valeriano Bellés Tena