Beceite Ibex – Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson.  January 2012 – Hunting   Beceite ibex in Spain   I have been guided on a Spanish ibex hunt while in Spain by Valeriano Belles back in January of 2012. Valeriano is a splendid guide who runs a wonderful hunting camp that is well organized and excellently equipped. He runs a very ethical hunting program. Valeriano was excellent at judging the […] Continue Reading

Beceite Ibex in Spain David – A. Colwell

    David A. Colwell. January 2012 –  Hunting  Beceite ibex in Spain   Date: January 7, 2013 I hunted with Valeriano Belles of Ibex Hunt Spain in January of 2012 for Spanish Ibex. He runs a very efficient and ethical hunting program. His hunting camp was well organized and equipped. Valeriano is excellent at judging the trophy size of […] Continue Reading