European Mouflon sheep and Beceite Ibex

 Beceite ibex and Iberian Mouflon hunting in Spain

To whom it may concern:

I had met Valeriano Belles from “Ibex Hunt Spain” through a mutual friend and began communicating via email the terms and conditions of a combined Mouflon / Ibex hunt to take place prior to Christmas 2012.

Negotiations commenced on the 7th September and were locked in by the 21st September.
Instructions were clear and concise and our PH met my wife and myself at the airport.

Accommodations were top shelf at the both Mouflon and Ibex hunting areas with one of the lodges being an 800 year old refurbished castle. It was obvious that prearrangements were made, as there were no issues with having the permits signed by the respective Game Warden of each area. Both Game Wardens spoke no English but my PH was fluent and nothing was lost in translation.

Carl Tatarin

Game was plentiful in both areas and I was fortunate enough to take an exceptionally large Mouflon and a respectable Ibex. Care of the capes for Taxidermy was prearranged, as was a meeting with the taxidermist where I was able to speak one on one to ensure the correct poses were captured for the mounting. I chose not to bring my own rifle and was afforded the use of an extremely accurate Blaser at no cost.

My wife did not accompany me on the hunt but was taken care of by the respective lodge staff.

Even though Valeriano was tied up in another area with a client he took the time to drive 500 kilometers to meet and have dinner with us. Following the Ibex hunt he personally transported the Ibex cape to the taxidermist. Our plans following the hunt was to travel through Spain for the next 2 weeks so the PH stayed with us and assisted us in renting a vehicle and ensured that all our needs were met before he left us.

The first 2 attachments are the result of a well managed outfit. The 3rd attachment depicts a happy wife a satisfied hunter and the personal commitment from the Outfitter and PH to accommodate his client. Over the last 6 years I have used 11 different Professional Outfitters and on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being high), I would give a rating of 9.5. Should you require any further information please feel free to email or call.



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