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IbexHuntSpain has a team of taxidermists with extensive experience working in a workshop of taxidermy study. It is led by Alfredo Perez Albert, who will assist you and advise you on what you can do with the hunted trophies and how to naturalize the animals, provide and maintain realism all of which will keep alive the memories of your great hunting adventure.

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We offer more effective solutions, fast and flexible in the field of international transport of hunting trophies. In order to give our customers the best service, in term of reliability and competitiveness and complete security at the end of your hunt, so you may have in your hands, the symbolic souvenir which will remind you of a great hunting adventure.

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This is a wonderful activity, which takes place in the countryside. Walkers and even just the more leisurely strollers, pass through woods, mountain valleys and places where there is no other access except on foot and where you will discover paradisiacal places. The basic objective of trekking is to find those hidden landscapes, scenic points and places of beauty which are inaccessible to vehicles and to see and enjoy nature undisturbed and at its best.

It includes hiking in the mountains, hiking to the shelters and trips between towns with longer journeys, but with intermediate camps. You will be accompanied by the mountain guide, who is in charge of tracing out the route and knows the region well. Different accommodations, such as shelters, wooden hostels or campsites with tents are offered for consideration.

Horseback Riding

You will ride your horse between the hills and the canyon, so that you can enjoy the tranquillity of the prairie or the mountains. The horses are trained to pass through all kinds of terrain and the excursions are guided by experts in the area. During your ride, you will not only see beautiful landscapes but also the native flora and fauna.

Adventure and Extreme Sports

Rafting – It is a descent in a raft through the rapids of rivers. These rapids are caused by rocks, waves and holes which give movement to the water.Rivers are classified according to their difficulty and the amount of water in them, which depends upon the season. (This type of river dominates the north of Spain). In general, the have inflatable boat a capacity for ten people, plus the rafting guide who is in charge of giving instructions and knows the region well.

Bull Fights

These are still a great tradition in Spain and the greatest tourist attraction. If you would like to see one, we can arrange for you to attend a bull fight in one of the major squares of Spain.


Before you leave Spain, you may wish to visit some of our wonderful shops. We would be pleased to accompany you, to show you the best tourist shopping centres in our major cities.

Tourist Information

IBEXHUNTSPAIN can help you to extend your trip after, or before the hunt and can provide you with a personal tour guide.
Some places you might like to visit in Spain are as follows:
-Madrid, (our beautiful capital).
-Mediterranean beaches.
-Famous cathedrals, castles and ancient monuments.
-Balearic Islands. ( Ibiza, Mallorca or Menorca).

Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Paris, Rome, Prague, Vienna and many more.

With all of our years of experience, we at IBEXHUNTSPAIN, would be glad to assist you in anything you need to organise your trip. Nothing is too much trouble.