Aoudad sheep – Barbary Sheep – Beceite ibex – Geir Karsen

Geir Karlsen. November  2012- Aoudad hunting in Spain and  Beceite ibex hunt in Spain To who it may consern I have been asked to send some comments regarding hunting with Valeriano Belles in IbexHunt Spain. My name is Mr. Geir Karlsen. I am 51 years old and have been hunting for many years in my home country Norway and all […] Continue Reading

Beceite Ibex – Anders Mossing

Anders Mossing .  November   2012- Hunting in Spain Beceite ibex    IbexHuntSpain Valeriano Belles Tena A review by Anders Mossing, Norway I’ve had the privilege of hunting in Spain with mr. Valeriano Belles Tena two times. I’ve hunted Spain on one occasion earlier with another outfitter. I myself have been hunting for almost 20 years, both in my home […] Continue Reading