Iberian Mouflon

 Iberian Mouflon – European Mouflon Sheep Hunting in Spain   “Hunting with Valeriano of Ibexhuntspain made me realize a lifetime dream of harvesting a free roaming European Mouflon in its native settings. Vale’s operation is first class in every aspect. There was not  a single moment that I felt unsure or skeptical of his judgement. He is also a hell […] Continue Reading

Beceite Ibex and Gredos Ibex in Spain

   Beceite Ibex and Gredos Ibex  Hunting in Spain   Martin & Marian Zahumensky (Slovakia), december 2014. For a long time we discussed that we would like to hunt for spanish ibexes, but we did not know anyone who offered these hunts. On hunting report website I found very good reports on Ibex hunt Spain owned by Valeriano Belles Tena […] Continue Reading

Pyrenean Chamois | Beceite and Gredos Ibex –

  Pyrenean Chamois – Gredos and Beceite  Ibex Hunting in Spain Dear Valeriano I would like to take a moment of your time to let you know just how wonderful are trip was. It was one of the better hunts I have had with my son. Not only was it successful but the areas you took us into was a […] Continue Reading

Gredos Ibex and Beceite Ibex

Gredos Ibex and Beceite Ibex Hunting in Spain   Alan Bozich , Gredos and Beceite Ibex. What a world class hunt this was with Valeriano Belles Tena! My hunt began on November 28th and ended on December 2nd. It seemed like it was over with a blink of an eye. I started out with my Gredos Ibex the first morning […] Continue Reading