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Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

Mid-asian Ibex hunting

Marco Polo and Mid-asian ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan


I’m currently in Argentina hunting and have just taken what animals I needed to achieve THE WORLD HUNTING AWARD, Diamond Ring with SCI. 

Marco Polo hunting in Kyrgyzstan

I have also achieved the highest award with Grand Slam Ovis Club having achieved the Pinnacles Award which consists of the Grand Slam, Super Slam, Ovis World Slam and Capra World Slam. In fact I have the Capra 20 World Slam.

European Mouflon

I have worked toward these Milestones the past 20 years and have achieved the ultimate award from both hunting organizations.

Carphatian Chamois hunting in Romania

You have been responsible for my achievement more than any other outfitter I have hunted with. I want to Thank You for all the hunts you have guided me on and for all the patience you have shown. Without you I would have never have accomplished this challenge. You are more than just an outfitter to me, you are a good friend. I respect your knowledge and determination you have shown in making my hunts a success. Thank you my friend. I do not believe we are done yet. I believe we still have a few more hunts within us together. Hope all is good for you and with Covid behind us hope you are booking and going on many hunts. You deserve nothing less than the best!

Balkan Chamois hunting in Bulgaria


Valeriano Bellés Tena