Hunt Beceite Ibex in Spain


 Beceite ibex Hunting in Spain


My name is Saoud Alkhalifa from the Kingdom of Bahrain. I love hunting and its my passion in life to hunt around the world. My favorite trip was with my good friend Valeriano Belles. A professional hunter in Spain. He helped me plan my amazing hunting trip of taking down a great Spanish Ibex. A very good hunter who knows his gun and knows how to find the big ones. He takes time in stalking making everything seem easy. He is always very prepared, not like most professional  hunters are. He had everything ready to go. I felt very safe with Valeriano. He knows his ways. I took down my monster Ibex on my first day of hunting. He made it seem very easy, however it needs alot of skill. He gave me his gun which was fully equipped. We climbed the high mountains of Spain to find that monster

He prepared the perfect position for to take the shot with safety being his first priority. He was just so professional that I only had the opportunity to take the shot. I would defiantly go hunting with him again. I had a great time and encourage all my friends and hunters to give him a call. Wether you are going to hunt in Spain or around the world. Since he is a very proffesional hunter he has great hunters’ contacts around the world. If anyone wants to know more about my experience with Valeriano,. I RECOMMEND VALERIANO BELLES   because he is very professional in his field, its his passion,


Thanks alot Valeriano again,

Your friend,


Valeriano Bellés Tena