Hunting Beceite Ibex

   Spanish Ibex Grand Slam I met Val at Dallas Safari Club 2016.  At that time I was very impressed with his professionalism and character.  He and his staff made me feel confident enough to book a Beciete Ibex hunt for March 2017.  I just got back from my hunt.  I had a great experience.   The communication from booking […] Continue Reading

Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

 Gredos Beceite Ibex Hunting in Spain   Val, is a very expert hunter as a very good guide, I have been hunting with his sevearl times. He knows his animals and the quality that produces fine trophy. The food is excelent the same that the lodge . Recommending hunting with ibexhuntspain, if someone needs information, please feel free to call […] Continue Reading

Beceite Ibex and Gredos Ibex in Spain

   Beceite Ibex and Gredos Ibex  Hunting in Spain   Martin & Marian Zahumensky (Slovakia), december 2014. For a long time we discussed that we would like to hunt for spanish ibexes, but we did not know anyone who offered these hunts. On hunting report website I found very good reports on Ibex hunt Spain owned by Valeriano Belles Tena […] Continue Reading

Gredos Ibex and Beceite Ibex hunts

Hunt Beceite ibex and Gredos Ibex in Spain I am writing this letter in support of Mr. Valeriano Belles . I have know Valeriano for over 10 years and have hunted with him in multiple occasions in Europe and the Far East and will be hunting with him again this February. Valeriano is a person with an outstandingly strong moral […] Continue Reading