Hunting Beceite Ibex

   Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

I met Val at Dallas Safari Club 2016.  At that time I was very impressed with his professionalism and character.  He and his staff made me feel confident enough to book a Beciete Ibex hunt for March 2017.  I just got back from my hunt.  I had a great experience.

  The communication from booking to arrival was perfect.  Val personally picked me up in Barcelona and we drove the Spanish countryside to a great bed and breakfast hotel very near the hunting area.  I borrowed one of Val’s rifles and it was great rifle for a loaner.  Clear Leupold optics.  The hunt went flawless.  Early the first morning we spotted two large mature rams.  We followed them through the day and that first afternoon I got a perfect shot opportunity at 250 yards.  The ibex I shot was much larger than expected.  After the hunt was over I got the added surprise of getting to go black truffle hunting.  It was a fun adventure like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  The best part was getting to take the truffles back to the hotel and they were prepared as a kings feast.  When the hunt was over, Val drove me back to Barcelona to catch my flight.  All and all this was a once in a lifetime experience and I am very pleased with the service I received from Val and his crew.  I will hunt with them again and I have full trust and confidence in them and their services.  Top notch operation. 

Valeriano Bellés Tena