Beceite Ibex and Gredos Ibex in Spain


 Beceite Ibex and Gredos Ibex  Hunting in Spain


Martin & Marian Zahumensky (Slovakia), december 2014. For a long time we discussed that we would like to hunt for spanish ibexes, but we did not know anyone who offered these hunts. On hunting report website I found very good reports on Ibex hunt Spain owned by Valeriano Belles Tena and checked his website. After first comunication with Valeriano I was sure that this company is very serious and with them we want to hunt. We went three hunters for six hunting days. Our friend shot his gold medal Gredos Ibex on day 1 with Valeriano. Marian was not so lucky and after two very hard, rainy days still not bagged his Gredos. Valeriano was sure, that it was only a matter of weather and he was right, on day 3 the weather finaly changed and Marian shot his gold medal Gredos. Our friend had to leave us because of some reason and Ibexhunt again proved their flexibility and organized the transport to Madrid airport. Me, Marian and Valeriano headed for Beceite mountains. The countryside in Beceite was completely different than in Gredos with deep valleys and steep mountains. It was my turn, that morning we started glassing at 9 a.m., saw a lot of ibex, one very spectacular. After several hours stalk I was able to shoot my superb 244 CIC points, high gold medal ibex. Guides did a great job. On day 6, last day of our adventure in Spain, Marian took an ancient Beceite close to an old abandoned mill, built in 1896. Food and accommodation was first class, manchego, jamon and Mario´s cousine was even better. Valeriano, thank you, for me this was my most challenging hunt ever and a memory of a lifetime.




Valeriano Bellés Tena