Balearean Goat Hunting in Majorca

 Balearian Goat Hunting in Spain.

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To whom it may concern,
I have been asked to send some comments regarding hunting with Valeriano Belles in IbexHunt Spain.
I am 52 years old and have been hunting for many years in my home country Norway and all over the world.
During these years I have met a lot of different hunters and PH. And I do have to say – with different success!
In November I went to Spain to hunt with Mr. Valeriano Belles for the first time.


I met him at the trade show in Norway in 2009 – and after talking with him for a few minutes I told him I would hunt with him one day.
My experience with this hunting was very good.
I was going for a Barbary Sheep – and after three days of good walking we managed to get a good trophy after a great hunt.
And during the trip I also decided to hunt Becite Ibex. I got one after a great stock – and also a good hunt.

I also went back in November 2013 for hunting Balearean Goat in Mallorca with IbexHunt Spain. And once again – I had a wonderful hunting trip! Got a very nice trophy and a very nice hunting experience.


Valeriano Belles takes very good care of his hunters.
He is very dedicated to hunting – he loves to be outside and work so hard for you as a hunter.
His business is very serious. We stayed in nice places, the hunting was very good planned and everything went as we wanted.
He has a good sense of humor – is a pleasant person to be around – and want me to enjoy the hunt with him.
I enjoy the stay with him and look upon him as a good friend after spending the days with him.
The best recommendation I can give him is as follows: I will keep coming back and hunt with him!

This November 2014 I will go back to Spain for a new hunt!

If there is any questions regarding this I would be more than happy to answer.
Best regards,

Valeriano Bellés Tena