European Mouflon and Gredos Ibex

 Beceite ibex and Iberian Mouflon sheep Hunting in Spain


Two years ago at the Las Vegas SCI [2012] convention, I met with Yogi to go over our Hunt in Australia and the upcoming Roe Deer hunt in his home country of Sweden!  At the convention [my wife attended with me] I discussed a European type hunt that I may be interested in where one the animal would be  horned or antlered , two, the area would have to be scenic, diversified, possibly contain a lot of history, and where my non-hunting wife would be comfortable and find it enjoyable.  After a small pause, Yogi, said I have the perfect hunt/vacation for you to go to.


He then proceeded to bring myself and wife over to meet with Valeriano Belles of Ibex Hunt Spain.  After meeting and talking with Valeriano for about an hour, we set up and booked a seven [7] day combined hunt for Credos Ibex and Mouflon Sheep, along with three [3] days of touring . The hunt/tour we experienced was a perfect ten!  Not only did I take good trophy quality animals, Valeriano took both of us on great first class tours of that part of Spain. We toured historic villages and areas that tourist would not see with a tour group or even on their own.  And as a bonus, Val took me on a bird hunt in a small town, known for their vineyards.  As what is becoming normal with Yogi coordinated  hunts/trips it was first class and better yet, has my wife asking, WHEN ARE WE GOING BACK!



Valeriano Bellés Tena