European Mouflon Hunt – Beceite Ibex Hunting

Masoud – 2017 –  Hunting in Spain   Hello Valeriano, I would like to offer you my sincere gratitude for an amazing experience during my hunt with you in Spain. I have hunted on 4 continents and have been on over 30 Safaris, collected 4 North American sheep and can recognize a well run operation when I see one. Your personality is the most pleasant, your operation is first class and your ability to guide your hunters to the best trophies is amazing. I came to Spain to hunt with you and left like a friend. I will come back […]


Hunt Beceite Ibex in Spain – Saoud Alkahalifa


Saoud Alkahalifa. 24  December   2012- Beceite ibex Hunting in Spain   My name is Saoud Alkhalifa from the Kingdom of Bahrain. I love hunting and its my passion in life to hunt around the world. My favorite trip was with my good friend Valeriano Belles. A professional hunter in Spain. He helped me plan my amazing hunting trip of taking down a great Spanish Ibex. A very good hunter who knows his gun and knows how to find the big ones. He takes time in stalking making everything seem easy. He is always very prepared, not like most professional  hunters […]