Alpine Ibex Hunt

Alpine Ibex Hunting in Switzerland

My wife and I recently returned from a Fantastic trip organized by Valeriano Belles and Ibex Hunt Spain/ Grand Slam Ibex.

I had talked with Val a few years ago about the interest in Alpine Ibex, a species that inhabits the Alps, and a species that I had thought about hunting for years. When he told me that he could outfit a hunt in Switzerland for them, my wife and I decided it was time to go!

Alpine Ibex

Alpine Ibex

This would be our third trip with Valeriano, and my 4th species hunted with him. We ironed out the details while attending SCI Convention, and Val did the rest. The organization of the entire trip was handled excellently! From obtaining the hunting permit to Hotels and local transportation, Valeriano made it very easy to just relax. We stayed in a little village named, Orsieres. The Hotel was amazing as well as the food. While I was hunting, my wife was very comfortable at the Hotel and touring the local shops in the village. The local culture was awesome and we did stay in the village a few days extra to vacation.

The Ibex hunting was amazing, and I saw more than 30 male Ibex the first morning. We looked at several Ibex and a decision was made to take an old 12 year old Billy. I borrowed the rifle, a Merkel 7 x 65, and it was topped with a Swarovski scope and was sighted in perfectly. I made a clean shot at less than 100 meters and the hunt was finished early. I am so happy with the quality of the hunt, organization, accommodations, food, equipment and guides, outfitters and interpreter. This hunt went without a hitch and I can’t say enough about Valeriano and his operation. I would absolutely recommend this hunt/adventure to anyone!

I can’t wait till our next adventure!

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